At 55, I decided to start doing what my parents and family all thought I'd be doing since I was a kid, acting, creating, and helping others to do so.

It was a late start, and a great start to a fantastic third career. After spending fifteen years as an Emmy Award-winning sportscaster/producer, I moved to the corporate world in order to pursue another passion, fatherhood, which came honestly to me, thanks to my parents. You'll see.

A single father of two, I reveled in raising two sons and coaching them for as long as they'd let me, and making a paycheck that paid for them to attend and graduate from the colleges of their choice. They are now pursuing their own dreams, on their own terms.

I did for them what my parents did for me, and my eleven siblings. Their 68 years of marriage yielded 2 engineers, 2 artists, a demolition expert, 2 nurses, 2 educators, an environmentalist, a social worker, and... me.

When life changes, you change with it. That explains the creation of Actors' Think Tank, the mostly non-profit actors collaborative that sprung from the gut of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. It's consistently been 30+ actors heeding the call to be vital and enabling others to do so as well. We gave, to each other. The industry gave back, as these clips, excerpts from a few sessions, bear witness:

Kevin Bacon on the Day to Day life as an actor
Kate Flannery - Keep at it! Your time will come...
Staci Hagenbaugh - A really wonderful moment as a Location Manager
Amy Brenneman - An "A-ha moment" courtesy Jeff Bridges.

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In 2021, my father nudged me to help others in another way, telling me "... if you are going to invest in anything, invest in yourself!" A few months later, I became Executive Producer of Workforce - The Pilot, and put more than 25 friends and colleagues to work on the first of fifteen episodes of a series for which I continue to look for a home.

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What I do now depends on you, or someone you know? Welcome to my world. Stay for a while... I hope to become part of yours!